Certified Scouting Company

Contractual negotiation

Playerconsult scouting cooperates with agencies and can help/advice players in any representation and negotiation situation


Image and public relations are important issues. We work to build the strongest and most effective tools for the players in this field

One spot to another

Based on a wide range of club-cooperation around the world, we can advice the player to the right club

Key point

Playerconsult is a scouting management-consulting company for professional and talented football players

What We Do


We work hard for advising the player to the Right club, Negotiate contracts, Spot talents, Giving players second chances, Opening new doors, Are you near the end of your career-take the right decision, Helping with personal and public relations, Club Corporation etc.


Our scouting team follows players and search for talents around the world. Plans, programmes and other needful information are generated in corporation with all involved parts.


Our scouts advice players to the best agencies who hold the mandate from the player, while we work consulting with players / young talents. PC is also in near contact with football clubs around the world, and works presenting the best material (players) and complies with the clubs requests.


Focus & Goal

Our goal is supporting on and outside the pitch. With transparency and commitment, our work is giving the best representation, advice and providing the best solutions for the players and clubs. Making conscious choices and securing peace in mind and heart is ultimate for us.

The Team

Our team is dedicated to what we do, and the team together has many years of experience in the field of football, agency-networking and talent scouting. Main focus has been in Europe, but the team are working worldwide and bringing players from one spot to another.

Legal advice

Playerconsult/Jugando Consultoria provides legal advice in corporation with sport lawyers. If there is any issues with contracts, wages or rules from country to country, or from continent to continent our support is near at hand.



Playerconsult goals