Getting from one spot to another can be very difficult – Helping players and football clubs.

Playerconsult help players take the next step. Our work is also about servicing club-requests. If the clubs need a specific type goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or attacker, then PC can help getting/providing the correct profile. We build the bridge and make the connection for both (players and clubs).

Our agents and scouting-teams work in many countries. PC are always looking for top-talents in the world and also established professional football players in and out of Europe. Our load of players are constantly growing and therefore we can provide strong material (players) to football clubs, to solve specific positions in their squads.

We help players go to: Clubs in Europe and other places around the world – primary and secondary leagues

England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Nederland’s, France, Belgium, Portugal Scandinavia(Denmark, Sweden, Norway), Greece, Slovenia, Turkey



(UAE) Emirates

Saudi Arabia

South East Asia