The Team


Hugo +34 672665199

Tijo +46 9116112

Syed +45 26365547

Zambrotti +46 735453352

Ahsan +45 40195284

We are a team dedicated to what we do, and the team together has many years of experience in the field of football, agency-networking and talent scouting.

Main focus has been in Europe, but the team are working worldwide and bringing players from one spot to another.

Playerconsult are expanding corporation with a wide range of football-clubs around the world. Our work is divided and connected:

  • We help players from one spot to another
  • And we service football-clubs getting their required player profiles for positions

Our agents are certified and qualified. For us, it’s not about sending the player to earn money alone, but it’s more about getting the player the right place.

Soccer agency – Football agency – Management of professional football players