We are an: Scouting-management-consulting-Company

Our key values are: Quality, Trust, Confidence and loyalty. Playerconsult is a management-consulting company (mainly scouting) after professional and talented football players. The team works with all relations connected with the player-careers and provides services for the players in developing terms. PC also work with football clubs and provide them according to their requests.

The team hold the mandate from the professionals and works consulting with young talents. PC is also in near contact with football clubs and works for presenting the best material (players) and complies with their requests.

Our scouts help with:

  • Starting point of your career
  • Rebuilding your career (advise)
  • Getting your career back on track
  • Giving you the chance to break through
  • Club-requests are met, and PC sends players to football/soccer clubs

Scouting – Management of professional football players